But this is now Autumn in May

In the Southern Hemisphere.  It’s fascinating to live in an upside country like New Zealand and to realise that exactly the opposite thing is happening on the other side!  Like tulips, like unfurling spring green foliage, like the excitement freshness and busyness of new life.

While at the bottom of the world, life is fading, yet there is excitement as autumn dies away with a flourish of flamboyant colour.   I am reminded of Dylan Thomas’s words

‘Do not go gentle into that good night.    Rage Rage against the dying of the light’.

But unlike spring there is no agitation in autumn, no busyness or freshness.  Just mellow and stillness  in this dying season as plants give up their life in a final blaze of colour, then droop, drop and fade away.  Next stop – winter!



Late summer in front of my cottage

Late summer in front of my cottage

Much as I love the tawniness of late summer in March, when  the last perennials, like Helenium (see bronze flower above) Achillea and Dahlias are  still flourishing – faltering a little, but still flowering, there is a sadness knowing that you have almost come to the end of the repertoire.  Unless you are a Chrysanthmum lover when all is still to come, y0u know that the treats are coming to an end, but you still dutifully dead-head the Dahlias.  Keep them going as long as you can, although you know they have peaked as already there is a little bit of powdery mildew spoiling the fresh green of the leaves.  The new buds are starting to get that buttoned up look and there are less and less of them.

But Anenome japonica  is not fussy.  It will roam all over your garden if you let it, in its delicate white and pinkness, looking  not a bit autumnal.  Along with clouds of mauve/blue Michelmas daisies which having waited all season, they at last have their weeks in the sun.  In another life if I had a bigger garden I would plant clumps of Golden Rod between Michelmas Daisies.  That old gold and mauve together could be such a combination, but for now the sun is slanting lower and Autumn is a comin’ in..